All Your Poochie Needs in One Place!

If your pooch already attends Doggy Day Play or is booked in for Doggy Stay Over with us, we have a range of products and services that you are able to add on to your existing arrangements.  If your dog attends Doggy Day Play full time (5 days per week), or stays with us for at least 10 nights in one month, you will receive a 5% discount on the prices of all Spa services, Photography sessions and shop products.


£24.95 VIPF Monthly Membership Subscription

Doggy Spa & Salon

£25.00 Doggy Spa

£35.00 Full Groom (small to medium dog)

£45.00 Full Groom (large dog)


£11.95 Bow Tie or Bandana & Luxury Sweetie Treat by Bonbon Pooch

£  9.95 KONG Toy & Natures Menu Meat Strip Treats x 1 pack

£11.95 Monthly Treat Box

£17.95 Monthly Treat Box with Toy

We do lots more gift and treat boxes - and every day products too!  Click here to browse our online shop!


£  35.00 Professional (Digital) Photo x 1

£157.50 Professional (Digital) Photo x 5

£195.00 Professional (Digital) Photo x 10

Photography Add Ons

£25.00 Per Print

£50.00 Per Print and Frame (further options are available)

£50.00 Photobook of 10 Prints