Promoting Excellence in the Pet Care Industry

** Initiative launched on 20th September 2020 - please check back for updates **

We are proud to have founded the "Animal Magic Family Friends" initiative, which exists to promote high standards of service in the pet care industry.  Together with a hand picked selection of outstanding businesses, we strive to monitor and improve pet care services - not just in the UK, but internationally.

Pet care businesses can apply for membership to our programme, which involves a thorough inspection and business analysis before approval is granted.  We aim for Animal Magic Family Friends to be the place to go to for pet owners to be assured that their pets are being cared for by the very best the industry has to offer.

If you are a pet care business owner and would like to apply for membership, please email us and an application form will be sent to you. If  you would like your business profile to be added to our approved directory of UK licensed premises without applying for membership, a nominal design fee of £25.00 per year will be payable.  This will also give you access to our dedicated Facebook group, where you can discuss and promote your business - and be on hand to offer advice to pet owners.

Our listed partners and members have all participated in a rigorous screening programme

and have been confirmed to abide by our Codes of Practice:



An up to date licence for the advertised activities has been awarded by the local authority.



Legible records are kept for every animal in their care, including detailed incident reports.



The legally permitted number of animals per person per activity is adhered to.



All management and employees are competent in their given role, background checked, appropriately trained and monitored.



Suitable for the advertised activities in structure and space.  All facilities, equipment and vehicles are robust, safe, durable and kept well maintained.



Detailed procedures are kept for every eventuality and are practised by all management and employees..



All animals in their care have a daily routine which meets all basic needs.



All animals have a consistent supply of fresh water, and are fed good quality food and treats as per their individual dietary requirements.



Competency is shown with the appropriate handling of all pets in their care, and where appropriate the need to keep animals in compatible social groups is recognised.



Constant monitoring of behaviour assures the risk of negative incidents occurring is kept to a minimal level.

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