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Our Poo Bag Dispenser Initiative

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Through reading many complaints of dog fouling on local Facebook groups, we thought it a good idea to help the community by placing "Poo Bag Dispenser Stations" at popular walking spots in the area.  Each station is filled with poo bags - and even has hand sanitiser for walkers to use before and after touching surfaces!  Together, we can help keep both each other and the great outdoors safe!

We hope that you will see a reduction in the amount of dog waste on the ground in your area soon! 

Please assist our initiative by helping to stock up the dispenser.  If you happen to notice the

supplies have run out, please email us and we will replace them as soon as we can.  

If you think your area would benefit from a dispenser, let us know!

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Our Community Support Programme

Our Animal Magic Family Trust Community Support Programme operates a service

which helps pets in need whilst their owners are in a difficult situation - such as:




Any of these circumstances can happen to the wealthiest and healthiest person,

and while many organisations provide help for the humans - we provide a service for

the pets who may be involved in such crisis’s.

To enable us to be able to help as many pets as possible, we accept donations of the following items. Please note that all items must be unopened / unused for hygiene and safety reasons:




As we have lots of pet friendly space here at our Oakworth venue, we would also like to provide

temporary accommodation for these pets whilst their owners are in hospital, get back

on their feet, or whilst they are attending interviews and / or training courses. 

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with home visits and temporary accommodation - so if this is something you are interested in we welcome you to get in touch, using the email address below.

Items can be dropped off at our Oakworth venue - or if you

don’t drive we could arrange collection.

Please note that each and every case will be assessed to determine eligibility - and we will only

be able to help those pets whose owners have no savings - or source of income other than benefits.

We have also launched a National Pet Health Service! The NPHS provide pet health services and veterinary treatment in return for low cost subscription rates - eliminating the need for insurance cover for most owners - and enormous vet bills! Please visit the registration page if you would like to learn more!






Debt & Bankruptcy



Toys & Supplies