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Enhancing, correctional and rehabilitation programmes


Enhancing, Correctional & Rehabilitation Programmes for all ages & needs

"Whether it is pet ownership that gives us cause to exercise, offers an antidote for loneliness and gives us loving companions to care for; or animal-assisted interventions that improve motivation to participate in treatment and lessen worry, anxiety and pain; we recognise that animals can influence not just our happiness but also our health."

Animal Assisted Therapy aims to improve the lives of many individuals - whether in their own home, a correctional, nursing or educational facility.

We tailor our programmes to suit the needs of the individual or group - whether this is through handling, caring, exercising or training - we are confident that our animal assisted therapy will provide positive results and improve any personal situation.

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The Right Track

Structured and goal-orientated programmes with animals relieves stress of the inmates and workers, enhances cognitive and behavioural capabilities, improves social skills and teaches love, patience and empathy.

 It is likely the inmates will transfer the knowledge and skills learned in the correctional program to their transition outside of the institution, contributing to the "outside world" by generating productive members of society.

Pet Resort


Interaction & Motivation

Patients in nursing and care homes often become withdrawn, lethargic and agitated - losing their sense of confidence and independence.  Many also become anti-social if they do not have regular visitors.

Our therapy draws on the bond between animals and humans to help improve and maintain the patients function.  Interaction with animals can be helpful in motivating patients to be active mentally and physically.

Animals can be used with techniques such as monitoring children's behaviour with animals, their tone of voice and indirect interviewing. It can be a successful route to gaining information where other methods may fail.  They also help improve the mood and reinforce positive behaviours while helping to decrease negative thoughts.

Animals can also be an effective distraction in painful situations - and of course they help bring happiness and entertainment to individuals of all ages.

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Positive Behaviour

Animals provide fun, relaxation and encourage positive behaviour with both children and adults.  In addition to our visits to facilities, we can also visit schools and households where animal interaction may provide comfort and enhance any individuals day.

Organising a school visit for children to interact with, learn about and enjoy our animals is very rewarding for all involved.  We understand many children cannot have pets at home for a variety of reasons and it is lovely to see them spend time fussing over them. 

Equally we appreciate that many individuals are housebound and we are happy to visit you too!


Company Purposes


Animal Magic Family Pet Retreat, Education & Activity Centre is a Social Enterprise established for the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need in any part of the UK who are subject to the emotional and financial burdens relating to mental and physical illness by providing them with funding, advice, solutions, counselling, social development and education to thrive.  


Our organisation also works to raise awareness of the effects emotional and financial burdens have on our society and encourage lenders to change their approach to debt recovery when a customer falls victim to mental or physical illness, along with encouraging all citizens to help others when they can – one Act of Kindness at a Time.

Please visit the Activities, Education & Community tab for more information about our Services and Funds.

All profits of Animal Magic Family Pet Retreat Ltd, Country Munch Dog Friendly Cafe and Rainbow of Hearts are distributed between our venue based services and funds.

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