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How we raise funds for our community projects and ways you can help


Our Products and Services

All profits from our Country Club for Dogs, Pet Care Services and Country Munch Cafe are distributed between our Rainbow of Hearts and Animal Magic Family Trust projects along with:

Our Crowdfunding Campaigns

How You Can Help Support Our Goals

Please click here to view the full document if you run a business or are an individual who would love to support our missions.

Our Smile Clubs for Teens and Adults welcome those who are experiencing mental and physical health concerns and aim to provide ongoing friendship, understanding, guidance and activities suitable for all ages and abilities.  Though a nominal fee is payable for membership, we offer a discounted option for families on low incomes.  As the sessions cost in the region of £9,500 per month to run (more depending on the equipment we need to purchase to cater for our members), donations and support with our every day products and services are greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made via the Animal Magic Family crowdfunding campaign listed above or by contacting us via email:

Our Rainbow of Hearts products have been specifically designed to raise money for our projects.  There are 4 Rainbow patterns to choose from (hearts, pawprints, horseshoes and stars) and you are able to choose one of our existing names or quotes, or let us know a name, quote or slogan which is unique to you or a loved one.  Our mugs, canvases and notepads make the ideal gift in memory of a loved one, to add a touch of colour to your home or to gift to a special someone to brighten up their day!  Please visit the link above to view our products or our shop on Tik Tok.  All profits from sales are distributed between our Support Funds.

All products displayed on our Perfect Pet Gift Shop are sold to raise funds too.  So if you are looking for a perfect treat or gift for your pet, friend or loved one please do check it out.  We sell amazing birthday cakes and treats for dogs!  All profits from sales are distributed between our Support Funds.

Each Wednesday we run a Bake Sale.  Our in house bakery creates a selection of cakes to purchase, which can be collected or delivered.  Non-iced products can even be posted!  If you would like to pre-order a specific cake to help with our fundraising efforts and can't find it on our online menu (select Country Munch Cafe), please let us know by 10pm on a Monday evening via email:  We also welcome contributions (including cakes, cookies and bread) from other bakers, so if baking is your hobby or even business please do get in touch to discuss. All payments received from customers who benefit from this service are used to improve our Smile Club facilities and activities.

Our Country Munch Cafe has only been open a short while but has already become famous in our area for our fabulous Afternoon Teas!  So much so that we have designated every Thursday as Afternoon Tea Day, when you can eat in or order for collection or delivery.  Please use our online booking system to order your food and also reserve a table if you plan to eat in.  As a guest you will be able to use our enclosed field to exercise and socialise your dog too! All payments received from customers who benefit from this service are used to improve our Smile Club facilities and activities.


Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday our outdoor exercise areas are available to use for Dog Friendly Meets - from just £10 you can use our facilities for up to 2 hours (10:30am to 12:30pm) to exercise and socialise your dog, AND enjoy a drink and snack! Please book your place here. Remember to leave a contact number as if we receive less than 5 bookings for any session we will ask if you would still like to attend or postpone to another date.

On the last Friday of each month we hold a Doggy Spa Day.  The prices are £25.00 for small and medium dogs with short hair; £35.00 for large dogs with short hair, £45.00 for dogs with long hair.  The Spa Treatment includes a deep cleanse bath with relaxing massage, eye and ear trimming, ear clean and nail clipping.  If you would like to book your dog in for a Spa Treatment, please email us: Please note that Full Grooms are not carried out on Doggy Spa Days so if your dog is very matted these days will not be suitable for you.  All payments received from customers who benefit from this service are used to improve our Smile Club facilities and activities.

All of our events are organised specifically to raise money for our Support Funds.  If you would like to be involved by volunteering your time, running a stall, donating goods to sell or promoting ticket sales please do get in touch.  If you are unable to attend our events in person or help in any other way please know that every share of our event related posts on social media is just as helpful and takes just 2 seconds of your time :-)

All five of our Crowdfunding Campaigns will stay live on Go Fund Me for the foreseeable future.  In addition to improving our venue so we can cater for as many visitors as possible, we aim to help at least 100,000 people nationwide with funding or support over the next 5 years, and to do so our total target amount is £50,000,000.  This sounds a lot and really IS a lot - but with your help is very achievable and 100,000 people is a LOT of people to be able to help!  Every single pound goes towards improving somebody's life.

We are always working to form Partnerships with businesses of all sizes to ensure we succeed with our goals.  Large donations from wealthy individuals and profitable companies especially will make an enormous difference, so if you happen to be in the position to help on a significant scale, we would love to hear from you.  We have investment opportunities for those interested in long term partnerships, and offer many products suitable for small and large scale corporate gifting if you prefer something physical in return for your money.  If you are a spotlight person our "Matchy Matchy" scheme may be of interest to you - the press are always drooling when somebody offers to match donations raised for a specific appeal.

Our Respite & Retreat Programmes run solely with time, product and voucher donations from businesses.  So if you run a business in the health, therapy, beauty, wellness, medical, employment or activity industries please do get in touch to discuss how you can help.  All time, product and voucher donations will be banked to help individuals and families who approach us for assistance.

As our organisation exists to help people and pets in need, we know that a lot of people don't necessarily need extensive help and support to be happy or even survive.  Often the most basic daily needs are not met in favour of paying priority bills or supporting family members.  So we also like to help at this level by building a store of food and supplies to be able to give to people in these situations.  If you have any unused human or pet products you do not need or can afford to spend a little extra on your weekly shop, please consider donating them to our Supplies Store. We collect donations from the local area so if you have something ready please email us so we can organise a collection from you.


We are super excited to think of all the ways we can help people over the coming days, months and years!  We live to provide extreme relief from the many burdens life throws at us all, and we hope that you too love what we do and can enjoy the same emotions that we do when we are able to save each person or family from absolute despair.  Please help where you can and if this isn't with money or pledges, that's ok!  For us to achieve all our goals it is just as important that you help to spread kindness, positivity and awareness of our campaigns, products, services and events.  One Act of Kindness at a Time, absolutely WILL improve all our lives.


Company Purposes


Animal Magic Family Pet Retreat, Education & Activity Centre is a Social Enterprise established for the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need in any part of the UK who are subject to the emotional and financial burdens relating to mental and physical illness by providing them with funding, advice, solutions, counselling, social development and education to thrive.  


Our organisation also works to raise awareness of the effects emotional and financial burdens have on our society and encourage lenders to change their approach to debt recovery when a customer falls victim to mental or physical illness, along with encouraging all citizens to help others when they can – one Act of Kindness at a Time.

Please visit the Activities, Education & Community tab for more information about our Services and Funds.

All profits of Animal Magic Family Pet Retreat Ltd, Country Munch Dog Friendly Cafe and Rainbow of Hearts are distributed between our venue based services and funds.

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