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Our exclusive Pet Concierge Service is here to help you with all things pet.

This unique members only service is invaluable if you lead a hectic lifestyle or would simply rather do anything than spend time surfing the internet - whilst wanting the very best for your pet(s). We cater for all types of (domesticated) animal and invite you to choose the package which best suits your needs:

In-House Boarding Concierge (£95.00 per pet per week)

  • Bedtime Massage & Homemade Treats

  • Daily FaceTime Call With Your Pet (5 minutes maximum)

  • Pawsitively Pawsome Doggy Spa

  • End of Week Laundry

  • Bespoke Training & Behaviour Improvement Plan

Bronze Concierge (£75.00 per month)


  • Weekly Pet Routine Planner

  • Personalised training, behaviour, diet and product recommendations

  • Home, Garden & Car Travel Safety Advice

  • The Organisation of Routine Vet Visits

  • The Organisation of Grooming Visits

  • The Organisation of Pet Transport

  • The Organisation of Daily Pet Care (dog walking, dog day care, home visits or boarding school)

  • The Organisation of Holiday Care (house sitter or boarding facility)

  • Access to Our Database of Dog Friendly Places in the UK

Silver Concierge (£150.00 per month)

All benefits above plus:

  • Pet Nutrition Advice

  • The Organisation of UK Pet Travel (to include a travel itinerary of pet friendly shops, eateries, activities and attractions)

  • The Organisation of Your Pets Birthday Celebrations

  • Assistance With Setting Up Pet Related Technology (cameras, apps, trackers etc.)

  • Assistance With Pet Rehoming or Purchase

  • Assistance With Pet Finding (if your pet is lost or stolen)

  • Financial Planning for Your Pets Costs

  • Sourcing Pet Friendly House Rentals

  • Insurance Comparisons

Gold Concierge (£225.00 per month)

All benefits above plus:

  • The Organisation of International Pet Travel (to include a travel itinerary of pet friendly shops, eateries, activities and attractions)

  • Training & Behaviour Advice

  • The Organisation of Training Programmes

  • Personal Shopping for Your Pet (sourcing the best food, supplies and gifts)

  • Matchmaking Service (playmates and dates for your sociable dog)

Platinum Concierge (£300.00 per month)

All benefits above plus:

  • Competition Planning

  • The Organisation of Sports and Alternative Therapies

  • Personalised Veterinary Advice

Your Incredible Journey Subscription (£25.00 per month)

If our Concierge Service is not for you or if you are a regular traveller, why not sign up to receive our fabulous box full of travel treasures - tailor made for those who live to explore our nation with their pet! Each monthly delivery includes everything you need to know about a specific holiday destination along with a surprise product produced in the area.


Get in touch to organise the perfect Concierge Package for your cherished pet:

Please note: All packages bear a 12 month minimum commitment from receipt of your first payment. Our Concierge prices do not include the cost of anything we organise on your behalf.

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