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Specialising in Dogs with Walking & Anxiety Concerns

Are you worried your dog has anxiety related issues?

Do you avoid walking your dog because it is too stressful - or even embarrassing?


Here at Animal Magic Family we offer an exceptional 1-2-1 improvement service, with long term

support for you and your beloved friend. Through our bespoke one to one walking and

residential programmes we provide you with the results you long to see.

Owning an anxious dog is far from easy.  You can't go out anywhere without worrying what you might find when you return home.  You can’t simply just enjoy the pleasures of a normal walk anywhere in public.  

You are often made out to be a bad dog owner or told yours is being naughty.

This is rarely the case.

Here’s how we can help you...


Through our unique, ongoing, success programmes we are here to coach, mentor and offer you

emotional support, every step of the way.

We only take on 2 new clients a month who are committed to our longer term support programmes.

This ensures you get unrivalled support and positive results that last! 

Dog Walking for Improvement Training Programme

This programme is ideal for you if your dog:

Pulls on the lead

Is easily distracted by others

Reacts (barks / pulls / jumps up / spins) to people / other dogs / vehicles

Has poor recall / chases other dogs and / or wildlife when off lead

Through 6 one to one sessions we are confident you will see positive changes after just one

month - though to see long lasting results we recommend commitment for at least 3 months. 

(we will advise as appropriate following your consultation and assessment)

Our "Dog Walking for Improvement" training programme is £295.00 and includes:

1 x 60-90 minute outdoor consultation and assessment with you and your dog

4 x 60 minute training / walking sessions

1 x 60 minute coaching session with you (following training session 4)

Support via email and video critique throughout the duration of your package

Optional Extra: 4 x 60 minute reinforcement sessions per week - £250.00

This programme lasts for 1 calendar month and must be paid for prior to your consultation

and assessment. If we find that we are unable to help you at any point during your consultation,

the full amount you have paid will be refunded to you immediately.

Please bear in mind that it is very rare for any behavioural issue to be resolved in less

than a month - and for our training to be effective you MUST follow our advice and

provide consistent efforts yourself.  If you are not prepared to back up our improvement

training please do not expect anything to change with your own walks!

NB: Once we have progressed past your consultation and onto Training Walk 1;

our fees are non-refundable - unless we need to cancel or postpone for any reason.

Residential Improvement for Anxiety Programmes

We also specialise in helping improve a range of anxiety issues which may be troubling your dog, such as:

Separation anxiety

Former abandonment / rescue anxiety

Former abuse anxiety

Anxiety around people

Anxiety around other dogs

Food anxiety

Generalised anxiety


Our residential programmes are suited for nervous or anxious dogs who need individual attention whilst you are at work, an intervention for separation anxiety - or who need ongoing rehabilitation and training.

Our Improvement for Anxiety Programme is a home based (we don't have kennels here!) residential course, along with a package of ongoing advice and support - which will aim to significantly improve your dogs anxiety.  We take a maximum of two dogs at a time on our residential course, so you can be assured that your dog will receive the absolute best in care, training and consistency whilst with us.

Training will take place in a variety of every day scenarios, and most importantly - your dog will be welcomed into our family as one of our own!  We can send daily pictures, videos - and even hold a FaceTime or Zoom video call for you to say goodnight if you wish :-)

Your dog should be dropped off on a Monday morning between 9:30am and 10:30am, and collected on a Friday evening before 4:30pm.  Following your dogs stay we will organise a 60 minute home visit or Zoom call for coaching specifically tailored to your home environment; along with supporting notes (these can be emailed to you in note or report format, whichever you find easier to digest).  


For programmes of more than one week, your dog is able to return home at weekends as long as

you are prepared to commit to their new recommended daily routine.

It is worth bearing in mind that unless the issues you are experiencing are very new, it is unlikely that your concerns

will be eradicated within one week and long term success will rely on your participation and dedication from Day One.

All potential guests will be assessed in the first instance - ideally at both your home and ours.  

However, if you live further afield, we can

conduct this assessment to the best of our ability via email, phone or Zoom call.

Full payment must be made prior to the commencement of your booking.

Recommended Programmes

Through many years of experience and the improvement of over 500 dogs we have learned that the age of your dog makes a huge difference on the length of time it will take to see improvement (though this is just a guide and the actual time will depend on individual personalities and root causes).  Our recommended programmes are:

6 months to 1 year old: 1 week course + 2 weeks follow up support - £595.00

1 - 2 years old: 2 week course + 4 weeks follow up support - £995.00

3 - 4 years old: 3 week course + 6 weeks follow up support - £1,395.00

4 years old +: 4 week course + 8 weeks follow up support - £1,795.00

All courses include a 60 minute home visit or Zoom call following the residential stay.

Your initial consultation costs £50.00.  If you go on to book with us within 4 weeks of your consultation,

this £50.00 will be deducted from the total amount.

NB: Our fees are non-refundable - unless we need to cancel or postpone for any reason.

Bookings can be transferred to alternative dates providing at least 14 days notice is given.

Further Follow Up Support

Once your initial Improvement programme is complete, you will have the option to commit to:

Ongoing email support with 2 x full day in house reinforcement / enrichment sessions per month - £150.00

Ongoing email support with 1 x 60 minute 1-2-1 or accompanied training walk per month - £95.00

Ongoing email support only - £55.00 per month

Separation Anxiety Prevention Course

We offer a 1-2-1 course which provides coaching tailored to your dog in its home environment. This is intended as a prevention, not a cure for already learned behaviours. The cost is £100 plus travel @ 50p per mile.

General Information

Remember - the longer your dog is left with untreated anxiety the more difficult it will be to overcome. Symptoms may escalate to include attempts of escape, self-injury, protective and aggressive behaviour so this is not an issue to ignore or hope it will naturally improve with time. Make the choice to intervene and help your dog feel better today!


We highly recommend that you visit your vet for a full heath check (detailing your concerns to your vet) prior to contacting any behaviourist / trainer.  It is not at all uncommon for behavioural issues

to occur as a result of pain, lack of exercise - or malnutrition.

All notes taken along the duration of our training programmes will be emailed to you, which will be useful to refer to when you are working alone with your dog.  Always remember consistency and routine are 2 of the most important aspects of your dogs training and every day life.

We currently only take non-aggressive small and medium sized dogs. All dogs over the age of 1 must be neutered / spayed to participate on our residential programmes.

We do not offer single dog training sessions - simply because it will be a waste of your time and money!


Please get in touch via phone or email if you would like to know

more about our improvement programmes or discuss a bespoke plan for your furry one:

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