Shining a Light on Your Future

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Shining a light on your future

Our inspirational products donate 50% of all sales

to our good causes.  Please read below for more information.  

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Welcome to Rainbow of Hearts!

Having battled with depression, irrational fear and anxiety for most of my 24 year adulthood, I for one know the importance of having a dream, a goal, something to look forward to (though that has often not been the case!). Even throughout the darkest of times, if I can help one person by sharing our colourful message, then launching our “Rainbow of Hearts” campaign and support funds has been absolutely worth it!

Our products have been designed to share a clear message: Love, Positivity & Hope

Whoever you are, wherever you reside, whatever your troubles, whatever your goals, we want you to know that you are precious, that you are loved, you are a survivor - and we believe in you!


Nobody likes to admit that they are a victim. Though, unfortunately in some sense most of us are. Our Rainbow of Hearts fundraising mission through the sale of our inspirational products is to provide those who have found themselves in difficult situations with something to look forward to. Whether you have been subject to illness, poverty, loneliness, violence or crime - we would love to bring a spark to your darkness!

Ongoing Relationships


Though our organisation, sales and fundraising efforts are starting amidst the Coronovirus pandemic, they will continue for as long as there is a need for our support!

We are working with forging and encouraging partnerships with companies who are in a position to provide support for individuals and families affected by our causes. Please check our news feed for updates on partnerships, fundraising, new products - and for when our grant application process is launched.

We would love to see our inspirational products in every home in the UK!

Personalisation is available on most of our products - please send us a message if you are not sure or need any help with ordering: sales@rainbowofhearts.co.uk

Breakdown of Sales


The income from each and every Hearts and Stars sale will be split as follows:

50% Design, Production, Marketing, Product Development

25% Rainbow of Hearts Respite & Retreat Support Fund

25% Rainbow of Hearts Injury & Illness Financial Support Fund

The income from each and every Pawprint and Hoofprints sale will be split as follows:


50% Design, Production, Marketing, Product Development

50% Animal Magic Family Trust - www.animalmagicfamily.co.uk/trust

Supporter Updates

A record of all sales and allocations will be kept “pinned at the top” of our Facebook page - giving you absolute transparency of where your money is being spent.

Donations from as little as £1 are greatly appreciated. Pure donations will be split equally amongst our current Rainbow of Hearts Support Funds, so - if you believe in our mission, please give what you can.

Respite & Retreat Programmes

We are passionate about helping people who live with mental health and lifestyle concerns, and through venue based programmes, talking groups and animal therapy aim to do our best to improve the outlook and mental wellbeing of:

  • Teenagers and adults suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD

  • Those of all ages who are lonely, homeless or grieving

  • People looking to return to work following a long period of unemployment

Please get in touch to learn more information about our talking groups (1-2-1 and small group), day retreat packages, animal therapy and return to work services.  We welcome contact from both individuals and professional organisations.

Injury & Illness Retreat Support Grants

For health professionals, individuals and families who have been directly affected by life threatening or fatal injury or illness. To be eligible the applicant must have suffered a significant life alteration due to the injury, illness, fatality or event and must have either:

  • Been hospitalised for their condition

  • Have a member of their household who has been hospitalised with their condition; OR who requires 24 hour personal care

  • Have worked directly with seriously or terminally ill patients

  • Have lost a close family member

The fund will award discretionary grants to be used for day trips, holidays, retreats or rehabilitation which will improve the outlook and mental wellbeing of those affected. Referrals and recommendations by medical and care professionals, counsellors or funeral directors only.

Injury & Illness Financial Support Grants

  • For Self Employed individuals, Directors & New Businesses affected by the Coronovirus outbreak, unable to access appropriate government support.

  • For individuals whose regular income has been affected by the Coronovirus outbreak.

  • For individuals who have been struck down with any injury or illness, or have been victim to a negative event; and have lost income or face financial hardship.

Each application will be assessed to determine eligibility and discretionary grants will be awarded to help with mandatory living, bills and / or business costs. Proof of trade, income, injury / illness and witness declarations will be expected as part of your application process.

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