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Our Ultimate Goal!

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Our Long-Term Mission

Through one central venue - and a number of countryside based retreats:

* To provide spacious and safe accommodation for thousands of animals

* To provide activity and rehabilitation centres for pets and their owners

* To provide luxury accommodation for pets and their owners to enjoy a break with us

* To provide natural habitat for native flora and fauna to flourish!

Our Purpose - for animals!

* To provide a tranquil home for elderly / convalescent animals

* To provide a fully facilitated animal hospital at each venue - through our NPHS

* To provide a rescue and rehabilitation service for sick, injured and abandoned animals

* To provide a rehoming service for fit and healthy animals

* To educate adults and children about animal welfare and pet care

Our Purpose - for people!

* To provide relaxation, social and rehabilitation services for people of all ages

* To use animal assisted therapy and education to encourage disadvantaged adults and children

to spend time caring for and providing companionship to animals - and in turn

motivating them to make progress with their personal situation

* To provide indoor and outdoor activities for all to enjoy

* To provide the perfect countryside getaway from every day life

The primary aim of The Animal Magic Family Trust is to promote the ever-increasing necessity to care for neglected, mistreated and unwanted animals of all varieties.  To enable us to carry out our work we will offer a vast range of fun activities, services and events for families, along with accepting donations from our supporters and campaigning for more.  In addition, we will run educational sessions for children and adults to increase awareness of animal welfare - teaching animal owners all they need to know to provide the best possible environment for their pets and provide a strong foothold for those who are working towards a career with animals.

Every day hundreds of animals are left to fend for themselves, sometimes in such harsh and frightening conditions you simply could not imagine.  Whilst we may not be able to help all these animals in need, we hope to make a noticeable impact on the volume over the coming years.


AREAS: Food and Shopping Outlets; Indoor and Outdoor Activity / Leisure Centre; Health, Beauty and Fitness Complex; Water Park; Equestrian Centre; Animal Centre and Sanctuary; Enchanted Forest and Magical Play Centre.

ACCOMMODATION: Camp Site, Luxury Log Chalets, Luxury Treehouse's, Children's Hotel.

SERVICES:  Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming and Sanctuary; Fun, Relaxation and Rehabilitation for Disadvantaged / Unwell Adults and Children; Family Activities and Holiday Breaks; Family Day Out; Horse Riding Lessons; Educational Programmes in Equine and Animal Care; Activity Classes to Suit All; Theatre and Cinema; Riding, Cycling and Walking Trails; Wedding and Event Venue.

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