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Thursday 1st July 2021

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Friday 1st July 2022 is National Spend Time With Your Pet Day!


Promoting and raising awareness for animal love, care and welfare issues.

Please head over to our new Facebook page @loveisyourpet for regular updates! We would love you to take a second to like, follow and share - let’s make this an annual national animal lovers event!
















About the Event


We have spent a lifetime as pet owners and 30 years working with animals. We now run a luxury pet care and boarding establishment in West Yorkshire - and to us, animals make the world go round! With today’s hectic lifestyles, we can all be a little bit too busy with our other commitments to spend the time that we would like to with our pets. So, we have launched the UK’s first National Spend Time With Your Pet Day - to encourage everybody to do just that! 


Through the promotion of this new day we also aim to raise awareness for many aspects of pet care and animal issues, such as: the importance of attention, diet, exercise, training, routine treatments and health checks; animal neglect and abuse.


Along with the launch of this National Spend Time With Your Pet Day, we share exciting news of the launch of our own community organisation - Animal Magic Family Trust. Though we have many plans for our organisation, our Trust will initially have 2 goals: 1) To help pets in need whilst their owners are struggling with exceptional circumstances; 2) To launch a National Pet Health Service!


Please visit our pages for more information on our Trust and NPHS - and if you believe in our goals, then we would welcome donations from you! If you would rather donate to other causes and need inspiration, we love the following organisations:

Humanimal Trust

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home


For information about 2022 events being held for our existing customers, please click here.

If You Have Your Own Pet

  • Arrange a dog walk - either on your own, with family or friends - or even organise a sponsored walk, horse ride - or other activity with your pet to raise money for a charity close to your heart!

  • Spend a day with your indoor pet - they will appreciate it!

  • Encourage your boss to allow you and your colleagues to bring your pet to work for the day

  • Encourage your school to host a “show and tell”


If You Don’t Have Your Own Pet

  • If they have to work - borrow one from a friend or family member for the day

  • Help at an animal rescue centre

  • Help at a small animal related business

  • Adopt a pet

  • Help an elderly neighbour or relative with their pet

  • Make something for an animal charity to sell - or sell it on their behalf and donate the money

  • Report a stray or genuine case of animal abuse



To coincide with our new national day, we are also hoping to make a new world record - for the most individual pet selfies taken in one day! So, on the day, please take a picture of yourself with your pet and post it on your instagram and / or facebook account; being sure to use the hashtags #nationalspendtimewithyourpetday2022 and #animalmagicfamily to ensure your photo can be verified and included in the official count!

In addition, we will be awarding prizes to the winners of the following categories:

  • Best Dog Photo

  • Best Cat Photo

  • Best Dog Activity

  • Most Unique Fundraiser

  • Fundraiser with the Most Sponsors

  • Best Rodent Photo

  • Best Bunny Photo

  • Best Reptile Photo

  • Best Horse Photo

  • Most Imaginative Pose

Prizes to be announced soon!

Sponsored Activities

If you would like to organise a sponsored activity with your pet - the registration forms will be available to download very soon!  Once you have submitted your registration, you will be sent a Sponsorship Pack which will include:

  • 50 Promotional flyers for you to hand out in your local area

  • A T-Shirt for you to wear on the day of your sponsored activity

  • A Bandana (or saddle cloth!) for your pet to wear

  • A Number badge

  • A Collection box for you to collect donations in

You are able to organise your sponsored activity on any day between 1st June and 1st July 2022 - but please remember to post your pet selfie as detailed above on 1st July!

All supporters who successfully complete their activity will be sent a keepsake - once your donations have been received at our office.

We would be very grateful if you could help spread news of our event and your proposed activity on your own social media accounts as much as you can leading up to 1st July - every little helps!

Promotional Products

All promotional products relating to National Spend Time With Your Pet Day can be found on our online shop.

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